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In the face of the recent SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, mcbUSA has teamed up to bring you a magazine organized by Fundraising Chair Emily Sumpena! Learn about the pandemic and its potential treatments, how to protect yourself and others, and ways to support frontline workers, researchers, and organizations. (adapted from MCB Department News)

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Due to this year’s COVID-19 situation, we will not be holding Emphasis Night as an event. However, we have compiled a list of questions and answers pertaining to each emphasis in a neat slideshow instead! Be sure to check it out!

Education Committee Feature

Coronavirus: Spread and Transmission

The recent coronavirus epidemic that has brought an end to many colleges and other schools throughout the United States has wreaked havoc all around the world. Coronavirus has been the top news story for the past month and many labs are working to find out more about the virus that seemed to come out of nowhere. 

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have found out that the average serial interval for coronavirus in China was approximately four days. This means that it took about four days for symptoms to show up in an infected person. This short serial interval is a large indicator of how fast coronavirus will continue to spread. For comparison, ebola has a serial interval of a few weeks and is considered much easier to contain than coronavirus. This evidence is proof that officials need to adopt fast and aggressive means of defense mechanisms to prevent any further spread.

However the researchers found the strongest evidence from China that 10% of infections were from people who had the virus but did not feel any symptoms, also known as pre-symptomatic transmission. This research is further evidence for the demanding need for quarantine to be applied not only diligently but urgently.

Officer Spotlight

Hannah Shadmany | Fundraising Committee

Why mcbUSA?
Coming into Berkeley I was really scared because I’d heard that biology here was really cutthroat and competitive. I joined mcbUSA to find a supportive community and help facilitate that for others.

What are you doing during shelter in place?
During the shelter in place, I’m going slightly insane but am trying to keep up with classes and midterm studying. Also playing with my dog.

If you could be a type of human cell, what would you be?
If I could be a type of human cell I’d be a neuron because they’re both cute and powerful.