Education Committee

Education Committee connects undergraduates with educational resources and stellar science research happening within the MCB department. Committee members become familiar with reading and understanding peer-reviewed journals articles, then summarizing and interpreting data to present to the club once a month. In addition, the committee creates our monthly club newsletter, which includes updates on club events and recent research findings of interest.

Event Committee

Event Committee organizes events that will benefit the MCB undergraduate community. They do it all – contact guest speakers, moderate panels, host info sessions on research, hold social events, and more! Past events include: Emphasis Night, the SURP Info session, Summer Opportunities Symposium, Boo-ology event, and On the Road to Research. Feel free to reference our Facebook Page to learn more about our past and future events and reach out to us if you would like to see an event that we haven’t yet hosted!

External Committee

External Committee runs the Undergraduate Mentorship Program which pairs underclassmen with upperclassmen who can guide them through Cal, MCB, career directions, and provide support. The committee also runs the Professional Mentorship Program (PMP) which bridges connections between Cal undergraduates and graduate students/working professionals. PMP aims to provide guidance to Cal undergraduates about career pathways, professional schools, and life post-graduation. 

Faculty Committee

Faculty Committee is in charge of maintaining relations with faculty and allowing students to create relationships with these faculty. The committee does this primarily through organizing monthly faculty luncheons, mixers, and other events.

Fundraising Committee

Fundraising Committee designs merchandise for both mcbUSA and the greater biology community (such as MCB T-shirts, tote bags, etc.) to provide resources for our events and members.

Outreach Committee

Outreach Committee creates schedules and designs to advertise events and resources that our club works hard to create. This includes designing flyers to post around campus, generating social media events and posts, and photographing and framing profile pictures for events. 

Student Committee

Student Committee boosts club morale and bonding by organizing socials, Buddy Hangouts (fun meet-ups between members from across committees), birthday shout-outs, end of semester banquet awards and gifts, and are always brainstorming new ways to bring our officers closer together.