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mcbUSA started a program called “Summer Undergraduate Research Program” (SURP) in 2003. The program was incredibly successful, as we had over 100 student applicants and the participation of over 30 faculty researchers from research institutions throughout the Bay Area. The program’s objective is to provide undergraduates with the opportunity to begin work in a research laboratory in the summer with the possibility of continuing through the following academic year. To achieve this, we have once again solicited the participation of faculty and other life science researchers in the Bay Area.

Please note that this program is open to all UC Berkeley students.

SURP 2019 Proposals will be released Feb 25th


Past projects are posted HERE> for your reference.


Last year we discovered the SURP program, and brought two Berkeley science students into our group for the summer. The experience was very gratifying for us, and, I believe, fulfilling for the students. They both plunged right in to projects involved in exploring an entirely new aspect of  the causation of ovarian cancer that involves human high density lipoproteins, and a project aimed at the prediction of imminent heart attack. Both projects are entirely original, and the students displayed great interest and energy, leading to progress in the research in which they each had a direct role.

For students looking to a career in medicine or biological research, I think, this provides a very immersive experience in which they can explore their future roles and have a sense of real accomplishment.

– John P Kane, M.D., Ph.D. (UCSF)

Professor of Medicine, Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics


What I like most about the program is that the student quality is generally excellent. The most interesting fact is that some of the students come from fields that’s very remotely related to our projects and they bring fresh ideas to the projects. Most of the students are very diligent, curious, and intelligent.

– Frank Chen (LBNL)


We were very happy with the students who joined us for the research program. The students were very enthusiastic and eager to learn. Many of the students have decided to continue research in our lab for their undergraduate research course credit. This is my first time with the program; I find it to be an excellent vehicle for connecting the students with the research labs. Initially, I was apprehensive about taking on the students because of the major time requirements. Looking back, both the students and research labs ultimately gained.

– Bing Jap (LBNL)